About Us

Feversham Education Trust is a multi-academy trust situated in Bradford, born out of the success of Feversham Academy.

Feversham Education Trust (FET) is relentless in its drive to provide outstanding education in a secure learning environment for all learners.

We are a not-for-profit organisation with the aim of providing quality support and challenge to ensure outstanding outcomes for all learners in our schools.

We are fully committed to ensuring that all learners in all our schools regardless of their background or starting points achieve their true potential.

Our school improvement model is bespoke, recognising that just as every single learner is unique so are our schools and communities.

By working together, aligned in our vision, values, trust and commitment there really is nothing we cannot achieve.

The Trust will achieve this by:

  • Providing outstanding leadership and educational services that will improve the lives of young learners in our ever changing and complex society.
  • Setting standards of excellence in teaching and learning through the implementation of a well-designed and bespoke curriculum.
  • Having high expectations of all our learners in standards of achievement, behaviour and school attendance.
  • Creating an environment that respects and values the dignity, integrity and special needs of all our learners regardless of age, race, religion and gender.
  • Providing a caring and supporting environment for all our learners to develop academically, morally, spiritually and socially.
  • Creating environments where quality relationships are developed between all who work and participate in the community.
  • Creating an awareness, commitment and sense of responsibility amongst our learners with regards to local, national and global issues.


Our Values

Feversham Education Trusts values are:



Being open and true to one another.



Ensuring that nobody gets left behind.



Allowing individuals to grow as we grow.



Listening and respecting the opinion of one another and accepting that at times our views may differ but it is ok to agree to disagree.



Putting our pupils, parents/carers, staff, communities at the forefront of all our decision making and being open and transparent.


Why Work For Us

At Feversham Education Trust (FET), everybody believes that education transforms lives and communities. We do this by providing a caring and supporting environment for all our learners to develop academically, morally, spiritually and socially. Trustees, School Governors and all our staff share the same goal – to provide outstanding leadership and educational services that will improve the lives of young learners in our ever changing and complex society.

Your professional development is key to our ongoing success, so we continually invest in our employees through training/learning and development. We provide progression opportunities across our group of academies, joining our team could elevate your career to the next level.

Our people are at the heart of what we do, and working for us gives you a real opportunity to make a difference. In return you’ll receive a generous package of rewards and benefits including competitive salaries and pension schemes and generous holiday entitlements.

Every single day you’ll be rewarded with challenges and opportunities to improve a young person’s future – Whatever your skills, qualifications or interests, there are a wealth of career options with FET.

Our Roles

All Roles



Chris Lyons

My Career at FET

At Bronte Girls Academy the entire staff are united under a common mission, to provide an outstanding level of education to all our students. This is only achievable thanks to the positive and enthusiastic set of staff that work at the academy, which I am honoured to be part of.

There is no division at the academy, no matter your title everyone communicates and works together to provide an always growing environment of learning and positivity. As this is my first year at the academy this level of support is invaluable and the work the staff do is helping to provide the next generation of outstanding teachers.

There are many rewarding aspects to teaching at Bronte Girls Academy and I would be unable to say them all, but hearing at the end of the day, as the student walk out the door, that they enjoyed the lesson is at the top. Students are very honest and when they say something, they mean it. Bronte Girls Academy brings together everything you would want from a perfect school, a teaching staff which are more like family and students that are always engaged and wanting to learn more.

About My Role

A typical day at Bronte Girls Academy is based around motivating and inspiring the students. Using every minute of the day to teach the kids that what they say matters and that with effort they can make a real impact upon the world. Through encouragement and hard work, students are understanding that the goals they have set for themselves are achievable.


John-Paul Taylor

Why I Love Being An Apprentice

I really enjoy the business side of working within a school, the most rewarding aspect of my job role is knowing that I can help provide assistance to all staff members and SLT and they know they can come to me and trust I can get the job done. I work at Iqra academy because it’s an amazing place to work and I love being given the opportunity to progress and to help ensure the school runs smoothly. At Iqra Academy I know there is progression for me, I know each day will be full of challenges and I know I am making a difference within the school.

The best part about working within Iqra Academy is everyone, including pupils and staff, progress and help each other – it’s like a family. Knowing you have been able to help someone is very rewarding.

About My Role

As a Business Admin Apprentice my job changes every day to support the SLT (Senior Leadership Team) and the school. I conduct a variety of duties from checking staff overtime claims, dealing with staff attendance and absences to chasing up staff DBS identification. I also deal with IT queries and help manage the schools Microsoft Teams and office login details.


Sue Lovell

My Career at FET

Whist working for Feversham Education Trust I have had the opportunity to take up a secondment. This gave me the chance to move across to one of our sister schools, and here I have been able to develop my career further. For example, I have progressed from being a Behaviour Support Worker to having spent time as part of the extended senior leadership team across 2 schools, and have worked as the Designated Safeguarding Lead. I have completed my NPQSL and am always being supported to develop further. I would highly recommend working for this Trust.

About My Role

A typical day at Feversham Academy, for me, consists of supporting the pupils and my colleagues in a variety of ways. For example, meeting and greeting the pupils as they arrive in the morning, being around to support them at break and lunchtime and helping staff as required across the day. As the Student Services Manager I get to work with a variety of staff and pupils across all year groups, and support them to find solutions to any issues they may be experiencing. Keeping the children at the centre of all I do is the most rewarding part of my role, and having pupils who are so responsive and appreciative of my help is one of the most rewarding aspects of my role.

I have found that working at Feversham Academy is a unique experience. The level of support and encouragement I receive from my colleagues daily is second to none, and it all adds to the unique family feel of the school. I always make sure that I fully support any member of the school community that needs my help, whether that is a simple question or requiring some more intensive support and I find that we are always able to find solutions together.


Yasmin Akhtar

My Career at FET

When I began working at Feversham I came here on a voluntary basis and then progressed to my role today of Sixth Form Manager, which is at the heart of the organisation and aids the academy’s smooth running. During this period of time I have grown professionally and acquired a range of skills which are beneficial to the institution as a whole.

About My Role

Each day is filled with unpredictable and challenging events from the word go. This encompasses duties which are CP related matters and those which concern my role as the sixth form manager. No one day is the same as another as each and every day poses its own trials. I enjoy the opportunities that I am presented with whilst working at Feversham. During my time at the academy I have been able to develop strong relationships with colleagues and pupils alike. I enjoy playing a vital part in the day to day running of the school. Conducting the sixth form admissions and the organisation of events is particularly rewarding. However, the most challenging part of my role is that at times we are legally bound and are unable to intervene further in certain situations. This I find to be a real emotional challenge.

At Feversham Academy we are a family who work together as a team and face any situation together making Feversham a unique place to work hence my service of 20 plus years. In my role as Sixth Form Manager and Deputy DSL, my passion for my role ensure that I go the extra mile for our students to create a culture and ethos of support, compassion, safety and discipline.

The Islamic ethos and culture of the academy is a unique element and one that has provided an anchor for both myself and many other colleagues. The dedication and motivation of the whole school body towards student progression is both endearing and rewarding.

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